Professional Umpire development course

Our mission is to provide training and development to individuals, regardless of race or gender, who wish to start, advance, or perfect their abilities within the umpiring profession. 

RO40 is a non-profit organization that depends on donations and contributions to help us help others reach their dreams.


Participants in the 2023 camp edition


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Umpire Prospects set for MLB Camp 2025

R040 Has been a lifelong pursuit and dream

RO40’s objectives are to offer individuals the opportunity to enhance both their on and off the field skills in order to be successful both in their personal and professional lives.  More importantly R040 was created with the main purpose of giving back and helping the Latin American community in Puerto Rico, USA and all other Latin American countries.

RO40’s end goal is to educate and inform individuals seeking a career in professional baseball that there are many routes to achieve this dream.  Although our main focus is through the umpiring profession, professional baseball offers opportunities within coaching, support staff, administrative, managerial and many others.  RO40 provides its attendees the fundamental knowledge required both on and off the field which will greatly enhance the individuals abilities to reach such goals.

RO40 has always been a lifelong dream. A dream that only became reality because of hard work, determination and the help people gave me along my journey. My goal now is to give back to the community and profession that has made me who I am today. There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying in life than helping others."

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2023 RECAP

Meet our student Roberto G. Torres Solá

Austism Awareness

World-Class Staff

Our Staff  are comprised of highly qualified individuals with a wide range of umpire experience.  They are dedicated to my cause and the umpire profession.

Our Next Event is Set For 2024

We’re looking for volunteers looking to give back to the community.


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